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Each Annie Ryan cozy mystery is a complete story and a stand-alone novel. At present, there are three different books in the series. All can be purchased on Amazon or read with Kindle Unlimited.  

Heavenly Corners

Annie Ryan was born and raised in the quaint town of Heavenly Corners. She owns the local bookstore and is an upstanding and civic-minded resident. A widow with a daughter away at college for the first time gives Annie time to relax and enjoy life on the lake she dearly loves. That is until her life is turned upside down by a death and a Yorkshire Terrier Will Annie and her BFF and partner-in-crime-solving, Georgie, be able to keep Annie from prison or worse? This is the first in the Annie Ryan Cozy Mystery series.  

You can find this book on 

You can find Heavenly Corners on Amazon

Bones, Booze, and Bouquets

Annie accepted Clark’s marriage proposal. All she needs to do is plan a wedding, work in her bookstore, and enjoy her daughter’s return from college. Sounds easy for anyone except Annie.

Another mystery draws Annie and Georgie into an investigation that could prove deadly. Will Annie solve the mystery or spend her life behind bars?

Murder, Trouble & Family

When Annie finds a body floating in the lake near her pier, she and Georgie are pulled into another mystery. The new detective in town decides Annie is responsible for the murder. With her fiancé out of town on an undercover assignment, the sleuthing duo take it upon themselves to prove Annie’s innocence. To add to her trouble, her nemesis Claudine, does all she can to make Annie’s life miserable and help prove she is the killer. Will Annie and Georgie be able to find the real killer in time or will the killer get to Annie first? Wedding plans, her quirky Aunt Irene, and Annie’s sidekick Yorkie named Yummy keep her life hectic. A murder mystery is the last thing she needs. This is the second in the Annie Ryan cozy mystery series, although it can be read as a stand-alone novel.

You can find Murder, Trouble & Family on Amazon

You can find Bones, Booze, & Bouquets on Amazon

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