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Each book in the Mail-Order Brides of Gentle Falls series is a complete story and a stand-alone novel. At present, there are five different books in the series. All can be purchased on Amazon or read with Kindle Unlimited. 

First Book in the Series 

Eighteen-year-old Penelope Langton lives a quiet life as a cook for a wealthy family in 1880 Chicago. She’s resigned that her life will remain routine and uneventful. Marriage is the furthest thing from her mind. Her best friend tries to convince her to leave before her employer’s despicable nephew returns for the summer.

Second Book in the Series 

Sarah Morey left her job and friends in Chicago to become a mail-order bride. When her husband dies after three short months, she leaves Kansas and moves to the small town of Gentle Falls to find her only friend, Nell.

Third Book in the Series 

Molly Sullivan ran from her job in the local saloon. She needs to start her life over and found work adding trims to dresses in Sarah Bowen’s seamstress shop. Most of the townsfolk accepted Molly as one of their own, but Molly worries her time at the saloon may ruin her chance to find a husband. Sending a letter to the Brutherington Matrimonial Agency seems to be her only way to find a husband.

Companion Short Story 

Celia’s Heart is a Mail-Order Brides of Gentle Falls companion book short story. The men of Gentle Falls need brides, but Celia Paddon has lived there her entire life and has yet to find a groom. She follows the advice of her friends and contacts the matrimonial agency the men in town use. Celia soon finds herself on her way to Wyoming to marry Clint Hastings. Will her journey end in happiness or tragedy?

Fourth Book in the Series 

In 1881 Wisconsin, Adam Greiner wishes to find a bride, but none of the women in Gentle Falls will suit his needs. They are either too young, too old, or too independent. Adam desires a demure young lady who will make his empty house a home.

Fifth book in the series 

Coming Spring 2020. 

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