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Each Spirits mystery in the trilogy connects to the next but tells its own story. There are three different books in the series. All can be purchased on Amazon or read with Kindle Unlimited.

First book in the trilogy. 

Spirits or Madness. What haunts Daniel? Did the few strange words his wife, Annamarie, uttered truly call the spirits of her ancestors or is he slowly losing his mind? Can she protect her husband from whatever is happening? 

Second book in the trilogy.

Annamarie's problems did not stop with Daniel's death. His spirit, along with Garret's, have returned to avenge their deaths. Annamarie, along with her great-grandparents spirits, must fight for her life. Who will win? Does Magdalena have the power to protect Annamarie or will Daniel's anger destroy them all?

Third and final book in the trilogy. 

Annamarie's daughter, Magdalena lovingly called Lena, has turned thirteen and along with the celebration of her teen years, comes a few surprises. Lena has powers of her own and the ability to teach her young cousins how to harness their own powers. She will help her mother battle her father's spirit, but who will be stronger and who will win the final spirit battle in this last book in the trilogy. 

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